I like me some Oomoo

Tonight I was able to produce a good cast of my Blank Frank. When I had gone to pour my silicone(Smooth-ON Oomoo) mold a couple weeks ago I found the part A portion solidified and unusable. I purchased more but knew it wouldn't get to me in time to complete the piece for the Fall Gallery show. So I had to find a substitute that would get me through. I ended up finding something but it didn't act the same a silicone rubber. Time after time I keep getting bad casts with lost of surface bubbles. The bubbles were caused by my inexperience with using a mold release. I'm sure if I kept at it I probably would have figured it out but that seems like a lot of needless work. A couple days ago I got my part A in the mail and I proceeded to recreate the flexible mold. And tonight I was finally able to open the mold and pull out a good cast. It's good to have something go right. I suppose I should be happy that it went the way it did because I might not have come to the conclusion of the Copper Frank. Course now I'll be able o make it much better now that I have a real smooth cast.