Bud And Nade: Sibling Rivalry

Here's my latest piece.  It was commissioned by a Jamungo collector who gave me free reign with the platform.  He gave me a bud and a nade and asked me to customize both of them.  Not necessarily together.  When I got them, I had honestly never seen one or the other and was a little nervous about working on them. The plastic was really hard and the limbs were so small.  I worried that it would be difficult to achieve anything dynamic with them.  After (ehem) months of sitting on my shelf waiting to be customized when I got around to it I finally had a concept that worked for me.  Simply put, the two would be wrestling for their lives.  One trying to detonate the other.  I didn't want to overdo the piece with lots of color and characterization like I do with a lot of my other pieces. I wanted the original platforms and the struggle to take the spotlight so I decided to make the piece a bronze.  Now I can paint anything with bronze paint and it will look like a bronze statue but the second you pick it up there's no fooling anyone.  These toys are so light that I needed to add some serious weight to them to make the piece convincing.  So I filled the heads and the base with as many fishing sinkers as I could.  At shipping the piece weighed about 2.5 lbs.  It is a small piece with a lot of weight.    Anyways, here's the piece.  And thanks for being very patient Colin.

Scotty the Bearbarian

I just learned that the show has changed venues so here is that new info.

Miami’s Independent Thinkers | ART BASEL 2010
Location: Casa Wynwood (2135 NW 1st Court)
Time: 4:00PM Thursday, December 2nd

For more details, head over to the Wizard Sleeve Toys blog.

Also, if you'd be interested in purchasing this fella, you can find the preview page here 


Well, here it is folks, my 16" Qee bear for the "Qee to the City" show in Miami during Art Basel.
A lot of work went into this big fella including cutting down the enormous mickey ears and creating more practical bear ears. He's got his wooden shield, flail, waterskin, a necklace with key to some mysterious fortune(maybe to the city?) and a vial of aromatic ground seed.

I call him Scotty because while I was sculpting him I couldn't help but notice how much the face resembled a scotty terrier.

If you're down in Miami this coming week during Art Basel, check it out.

Happy Thanksgiving Teaser

Here's to you and your family this year.  I hope you're able to set aside some time today and the weekend to enjoy life with the ones you love.  Eat, drink and be merry everyone!

Next week I will be part of the Multiversal Group Show in Miami during Art Basel along side some terrific artists.  Here's a final teaser before I reveal the full piece next week.

Home is where the hearth is

Tonight is the opening of the Sketchbot Custom show at Munky King in LA.  I was invited to create a custom for the show and here's my finished piece that I call "Home is where the hearth is". It's a steam powered sketchbot that has long since broken down only to be reclaimed by a field mouse who has built himself a cozy nest in the abandoned hearth.

The sketchbot is such a distinct character already I felt it best to stay true to the original character but put my own twist to it.  About a year ago I created a character called Blank Frank and had made a version that was steam powered by the boiler in it's head.  When looking at the sketchbot I thought it made the perfect vehicle for this concept.  So I cut in a window to view the boiler, added a door and some piping to transform sketchbot into a steam-powered robot.  What was really difficult was creating and painting the interior floor/ceiling to the boiler/furnace.  I had to cut out one of the arm sockets to make it happen.  I also had to bend a paint brush at an angle to reach all the interior surfaces.

The window is made of a bit of spare plastic I had lying around.  I used the same plastic to create the shield for the meter which kinda represents my sketchbot's eye.  The meter was designed in illustrator and printed out to size.  I wasn't overly happy with the quality of the print out I was able to achieve on my home printer but it is infinitely better than what I would have been able to achieve by hand.  The door to the furnace has a working hinge and handle that does lock the door closed.  Inside the old abandoned furnace is the field mouse's nest and some food he has stored.

The show starts tonight so if you're in the LA area check it out along with about 75(I think) other great artists included(are you kidding me, Frank Kozik).   I'm in a show with Frank?  Frank doing a custom?  That's so punk.

@HelloVinyl x @KevinGosselin Super Awesome #FF Give-away

Soooo, I've teamed up with @HelloVinyl for The Super Awesome Follow Friday Give Away. Whats that? Well, I decided to offer up one of my custom 3"Cannibal Dunny AP's. This Dunny is my design for the Most Wanted Series 2 that is coming soon, and this is one of only 5. I suspect that these dunny's are going to be hard to get within the series and then being there are only 5 APs I figured why not let everyone get an equal shot at having one.  To be honest, they're all spoken for already anyways so there will be three shot's to grab one of my APs over the next month or so.  This being your first shot. 

So what do you have to do to get it?

All you have to do to win this Cannibal Dunny is to go over to HelloVinyl's web site( HERE ) and leave a comment in his post, answering this question: "What past Dunny design would you like to see have their head shrunk by Cannibal Dunny?" You can also get a bonus entry by following myself Kevin Gosselin and HelloVinyl on Twitter and posting a tweet with the following text "Win a @kevingosselin Cannibal Dunny at @hellovinyl http://bit.ly/9pZ3wQ #KGHVFF PLS RT TO ENTER", you can just copy and paste the quoted text, without the quotes of course:-). Easy as that, good luck to all who enter, the winner will be announced Friday 29th October. Thank you very much to Mark over at HelloVinyl for helping plan this fun event!!

@AW177 Collaboration for NYCC

A while ago the artist known as AW177 contacted me about doing a collaboration.  I love his work because of its Eastern influences and slick finishes.  It's about as different from my own work as I think you can get.  Which is why I wanted to add his style to my portfolio.  However, it did present it's challenges.  For this piece I had to simplify my own style a it.  Much like my collaboration with Coolvader, I wanted to keep the surfaces as simple as possible so the surface could be worked with afterward.   The Madl platform only worked more to this idea with it's straight lines.  We decided on basing our concept on the ancient Chinese terracotta warriors.  So I went about simplifying the armor in basic shapes.  I used magic sculpt to create my shapes and sanded.  And sanded. The end result was a toy that I think would look pretty cool if manufactured. Hmmm, what do you think MAD?

Well, AW177 just finished the 3rd one and here they are.
"Dragon Power" Elite Division Warrior #1
"Tiger Fury" Elite Division Warrior #2
"Phoenix Rising" Elite Division Warrior #3

I love them.  So much detail and they look beautiful.  I love the rich colors and they look awesome as a set.  They'll be available Oct 8-10th at NYCC.  That's this weekend.  Look for them at the Tenacious Toys Booth.  AW177 will also be doing a signing on Saturday at 1pm.

Check out AW177's other work that he'll have available at NYCC as well. 

3 Customs, 3 Shows

The first show is the Milk Munny Exhibit, which is actually already over.  I believe my Stone Golem is still available for $750 at Red Hot Robot starting Oct 6th.  If you'd like to purchase this Mega contact them.  Remember, 100% of the purchase goes to the Keep a Breast Foundation.

The second show is the Jouwe Custom show at the Toy Art Gallery in LA.  This show started Saturday Oct. 2nd and goes until Nov. 2nd.  You can find my Jouwe and many others for sale here.

And the third show, starting this Saturday, Oct. 9th, is the 15th Anniversary DIY Qee Celebration at Dragatomi.  There's sure to be a lot of great work there.  Check it out.

R.I.P. Kevin Gosselin

Here's my custom for Dragatomi's 15th Anniversary DIY Qee Celebration.
I think it speaks for itself.

But if you want some explanation, well, it's me, in the hopefully very distant future rising from the grave, grabbing the fresh flowers laid at the tombstone and presenting them back to the giver with goofy delight.  

Originally I thought of having the corpse be that of Kurt Cobain after I heard Justin Bieber say, "I feel like the Kurt Cobain of my generation."  I thought it would be funny if he came from below and was screaming, "Bieber!!!" But in the end I felt that having Kurt with a face full of shot gun pellets was just a little too poor in taste so I went with something more silly.  

Baby Jouwe

I finished my Jouwe today for the show art TAG.

Let me explain this piece.  From the beginning it was always my intention of bringing the Jouwe character to life. When I finished my Celsius piece I felt that I had maybe gone too far away from the platform and not showcased the original toy enough.  So I immediately decided I wanted to just take the red Jouwe character and animate him.  My original concept was to have this guy on a swing hanging from a tree.  Ambitious but I thought it would connect with people.  Unfortunately time wasn't on my side and I had to scrap that idea.  So I kept the idea of taking the existing character and just fleshing him out a bit.  I moved the horn down to a more realistic position for a rhino and added a mouth and nostrils.  I then  figured I'd sit him down and have him reaching up toward the viewer. I actually made a baby rhino very similar to this about 13 years ago for an ex-girlfriend who loved rhinos. I kept thinking, ehh, I'm copying an old idea.  But I figured that was a long time ago and no one has seen that piece. The piece seemed too simple so I decided it needed something else.  I toyed with the idea of putting a lolly pop in his hands and a pet food dish at his feet.  But none seemed to work for me.  I did then think of putting a butterfly on his horn.  I liked it, it was simple, pure and fell in line with the cute baby rhino look I was going for.

Well, today as I was packing this fella up to ship, and I was digging through boxes, I came upon the original Jouwe box.  Now anyone who's purchased this toy, and you fellow customizers, might be aware that it came in an awesome box that had some great artwork on it.  Well, today as I looked upon the box I was reminded of the art and to my embarrassment one of the illustrations on the box is the Jouwe sitting down, much like my finished piece. Actually, it's in nearly the exact position as my old baby rhino I did. To add to my embarrassment, there are butterflies as well. I don't know how I didn't remember that this was on the box or if it was really my subconscious memory recreating what I had seen.  But I felt silly.  I looked at my wife, laughed and said, oh well, what can you do.

So here's my Jouwe, straight off the box.  Like I said, it had been my intention of showcasing the toy and not veering far off the platform.  I just got carried away I guess.

Stone Golem for Milk Munny Exhibition

Ever hear of the golem?  No, not Smeagol from the LOTR but the creature from hebrew folklore.  Legend has it that this humanoid man of earth could be controlled by inscribing the word emet (אמת "truth" in hebrew) on it's forehead.  This creature could not think for itself so instructions were placed in the golem's mouth.

My incarnation of this fable shows a young child summoning a stone golem to do her bidding.  You can see the shock on the child face as folklore becomes reality.  The beast is ancient and iron supports have been added here and there to keep it from falling apart.  Miracles are being conjured on this cold autumn evening.

This piece was created for and donated to the Milk Munny Exhibition.  The exhibition put on by artist Trevor Hill and being held at the Monorchid Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona, features vinyl art from a huge list of artists and will be donating the proceeds to the Keep a Breast Foundation.  That means this Mega Munny will be up for sale for an amazingly low price of $750.  Help out a good cause and buy it Oct 1st.


This is a late post, should have gone up last Friday when Coolvader showed me the work but I've been insanely busy.

So yeah, last Friday he revealed his portion of our collaboration and my jaw hit the floor.  As I gazed at it and absorbed what I saw I began to realize how much I respect Coolvaders work.  First, it dawned on me that by keeping things simple Matt was allowing my sculpt to show through.  He could have easily added tons of little details that would have overshadowed anything I did. But secondly, it began to set in how well balanced the cute little bunny is with this twisted quadrapus-thing ripping out of the poor bunny's butt.  The red on white pops so vividly.

Initially I designed the sculpt to be a labbit that happened to have a eye and four tentacles coming off the butt.  But Coolvader interpreted the sculpt to be the eye and tentacles ripping out.  Thank goodness he did cause wow.  It creates such violent moment in time.

As you can tell, I'm happy with the way this turned out.  What's great is that this is something I'd never be brave enough to create on my own and put in my portfolio, but thanks to Coolvader I have this wicked piece to shock and delight.  Sorry Mom.

For all the pics of this gory piece head on over to my flicker account

8" Atlas Dunny

Fashioned after a greek statue, this commission was one of the toughest pieces I've ever done.  And by tough, I mean Magic-Sculpt tough.  I miss sculpey and it's infinite working time.  Magic-sculpt is great for strength but until I get faster I foresee a lot of tooling in my future.  My dental tools got quite the workout over the last couple weeks.  So much so that I seriously have little feeling on my right middle finger due to the callus that has formed. But it's all good.  I'm not complaining.  Really.  This guy was such a pleasure to work on.  I mean, it's like my client was giving me an assignment to work on my anatomy and what better reference material to work from than from the greeks.  Another interesting thing about thsi piece has that oringinally I added texture before the sculpt dried to make it look like the stone was old and weathered, however, because there was so much sanding and tooling, I lost a lot of it.  So in order to achieve the right look, I had to go to town on my smooth finish piece.  Picture me repeatedly stabbing my sculpt over and over with a pick, fork, plyers and other various tools.  My wife could not watch.  It was painful to us both.  But the result was good I think.

Full Sculpt Reveal for Coolvader Collaboration

Here is the finished sculpt I did for the commissioned collaboration with Coolvader for Linh.