Randall McMunny

So a few weeks ago KidRobot Social Media Embassador Ryan the Wheelbarrow ( www.ryanthewheelbarrow.com , check out that mustache!!) contacted me about participating in the Munny Munth contest and said if I was to share with them some WIP pictures that they'd send me a Munny to work on.  I would have entered the contest anyways, but it was super cool to get that request and I was happy to help.  So I created this custom Munny for the contest (you can vote for me here if you'd like ) and all the while I was taking pictures to show everyone my process.  I ALSO, by suggestion from Mr Spanky Stokes, decided to try out a new sculpting material.  Magic-Sculpt.  I had heard a lot about it around the web and finally found a place to by it around here.  The stuff is awesome.  It's a little quicker than I'd like but I'm getting used to it.  Anyways, you can find the WIP pics over at the Kronikle ( http://kronikle.kidrobot.com/custom-control-kevin-gosselin/ )
and if you'd like to take this fella home, visit my shop.