Vinyl Roots Preview #1 @dragatomi with @JRYU @TroyStith

OK, you've seen a couple of these guys before, and although my wife says, "haven't you done that idea to death?" I said, "no, in fact I've only done two."  Believe it or not I did the original tree ent that got me a win in Munnyworld almost two years ago and the another munny ent shortly after but otherwise, no other munny ents.  SOOOOO, I figured I'd make a series of them.  This isn't your average mini munny though, I stretched the body an additional 2 inches to give the added tree effect. The series is limited to six of which two are reserved for a couple special individuals in my family.  Plus the original is also available, so that makes 5 that will be at the show.  Each one is handed painted, signed and numbered.