Birch Tree Ent

I didn't have a moment to create a proper blog post about this piece
before I jetted out on vacation, so here it is now, a little late.

I noticed early on while experimenting with the birch texture and thinking about the colors that the piece would look similar to an old fashion mad scientist so I decided to emphasize that in the personality just a little.  This mischievous fella is looking to get into some trouble at the Urban Decay III show starting in a couple days.  He's a regular 7" Munny customized with resin and painted with acrylic.  He's one-of-a-kind and available for purchase, if you're interested you can find out more information at

I've been meaning to work on birch texture for a while now and I really like it.  I was a bit under the gun with this piece so I'm afraid I didn't get to plan out the design before hand, I just sort of winged it.  I'm hoping to create more birch tree ents because I really think there's a ton of potential there.