The Man Inside, Custom Kozik Bust

And the final custom Kozik bust for my kickstarter backers.  I kept this one for last as it was really the most fun bust to do.  I enjoyed them all, but this one was a blast, and only made me feel slightly creepy and stalker-ish as I stared for days at pictures of Frank.  It's kinda a reverse Jason Freeny piece.  Check out some WIP pics below.  Yeah, that's a mold you see there.  So who knows, maybe I could make a series of smaller ones.

White Dead Kozik Bust

Now available in a limited white edition of 50 pieces
Distributed by DKE TOYS and available at fine designer toys stores

Stone Kozik bust with Mickey ears

The first custom bust I did for the kickstarter rewards earlier in the year.  I was waiting to post this because it's not quite done yet.  The client is an artist as well and we decided to make it a collaboration.  So in a few places I left the piece bare to the gesso for them to paint.

Rat Fink Custom Kozik bust

Here's another custom kozik bust for the kickstarter rewards.  This was a fun piece to work on and more than a little creepy at times.  Still, my 4 year old daughter loved him.

Delftware Dead Kozik Bust

Here's another Kozik bust I finished a little while ago.  Originally I had intended to just use a crackle medium to get an aged look for this piece but the medium just didn't work the way I wanted so instead I spent the next few weeks painting lines until I lost my sanity.