The Woodcarver: Custom Horselington

Here's my latest custom.

The Woodcarver has worked diligently to create his own private fishing boat.  Not quite there yet for this first timer and he may have overestimated the scale of his plans but he'll make due cause he's got visions of pike fishing in his head. Hewn from a large pine tree trunk and root, this chunk of wood is slowly becoming a thing of fancy. To keep him going the Woodcarver drinks copious amounts of brew and ocassionally chomps down on some fresh bread made by his sweetie. He loves working on his craft.  He could do this forever.

Black Friday Sale: 50% Off Everything

Hi shoppers.  I've put everything on sale in my store including my AP Kozik Busts.  Everything is 50% so if you wanted a Kozik bust but could not afford this is going to be your best bet.   There are also t-shirts, stickers and a few older toys that are at really low prices.  Happy shopping.