Kevin Gosselin is influenced by sci-fi and fantasy art, comic books, anime, the masters and too many contemporary artists to fully list. Amongst the most influential are Remington, Frazetta, Darrel K. Sweet, Thomas Eakins, Norman Rockwell, and J.W. Waterhouse.

Kevin grew up in the tiny New England town of Northwood, New Hampshire. Although heavily influenced by many genres and artists, Kevin owes his career in the arts to two major influences. The art of Iron Maiden cover artist Derrek Riggs and his twin brother Keith. It was only by following the career choices of his brother that Kevin decided to go to art school to develop his skills. Both brothers attended an Honors Art program at The Boston Museum School of Fine Art in their senior year of high school and then moved to Sarasota, Florida to attend Ringling School of Art & Design.

After earning his Bachelors's in Fine Art and Illustration Kevin got what he considers his real art education while working for the great Robert Antovel at Art & Frame of Sarasota, the best art supplies store in town. After picking up the framing trade Kevin moved on to what would be his master's program. Kevin was hired as a painter by Hagen-Wallace, a props shop for Feld Entertainment. Here Kevin learned how to paint faux finishes and would eventually find himself in the sculpting department where he would discover his true passion.

Again with the help of his brother Keith, Kevin advanced into another career. After college, his brother taught himself web design and he passed along the knowledge to Kevin and they both were hired by Hydrogen Media. At the height of the dot.com era, HMI was a powerhouse collection of talent. But all things must pass and Kevin was part of massive layoffs. After a year of freelancing web design, Kevin accepted what would be his last job. For seven years Kevin acted as the production end of a small Marketing Firm in Tampa Bay Florida. It would be here that Kevin would develop his web and graphic design skills but also his strong desire to remove himself as far as possible from the world of corporate advertising. Finally realizing where his passions lay, Kevin decided to redirect his efforts to his true passion for the arts.

Kevin lives with his super cool, brilliant, and beautiful wife, his daughters and one three-legged dog in Lake Stevens, WA.  Kevin's other passion is running.  He has spent many hours running through the mountains and roads of eastern Washington.